Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Mandiguru follows different refund policy for its different services. Mandiguru does not guarantee any refunds for the cancellation of its service. Mandiguru will act on the agreement signed upon by the client and Mandiguru. Mandiguru does not offer any refund for the transaction charges, for any funds spent on search engines, for the services already delivered or any other miscellaneous charges which are non recoverable for mandiguru and refunding them causes any loss to mandiguru.

Cancellation Policy

Mandiguru follows different cancellation policies for its Services. All cancellation requests must be submitted to accounts and billing department of mandiguru. You may submit your cancellation requests by email or phone. Your request will not be considered valid unless and until you receive confirmation from our accounts or billing department. The confirmation email or number given by accounts department of Mandiguru will act as a proof of the cancellation of service.


Mandiguru reserves the right to modify any provisions of the refund policy or cancellation without any notice.